I have lived and worked in and around the Derbyshire Peak District and South Yorkshire all my life. The Peak District's constant changing views and spectacular scenery throughout the seasons has always given me inspiration for my art and glass work. The pure light, wonderful shadows, large vistas and stunning sunsets are reflected in the choice of colours of glass in my work.
Most of the glass is recycled and is the by-product of the mainstream stained glass industry. The glass has a character of its own with bubbles, lines and random markings from the manufacturing processes.
I work in foiled and leaded stained glass and kiln work. My pieces take a long time to make as I tend to work on small scale items using combinations of different processes. I am particularly interested in imagery on glass, be it kiln fired, hand etched or printed, and the use of gold leaf and century old chemical processes.
As a member of the Contemporary Glass Society I have taken part in many of the juried online exhibitions and have displayed pieces at the International Festivals of Glass in Stourbridge on multiple occasions. I have been selected for many of the Derby city and the county art exhibitions in the Peak district . I was very pleased to display a small handmade glass button consisting of a mixture of glass, etched copper and woven silk at the Macclesfield Silk museum as part of the arts festival. I also produced a piece of glass for the CGS Vessels exhibition at Vessel gallery in London utilising kiln fired hand painted stained glass sections.
The use of glass as both a practical material and an art material is a very complex ever changing scenario with the constant emergence of new challenging techniques keeping a fascinating and fresh outlook for practitioners.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.